Congratulations to all of the players who participated in the final playoff championships.

2008 - 2009 Simcoe Major Curling League 'A' Series Champions

Team Thompson

Comco Petroleum Management

Skip : Andrew Thompson
Vice : Chris Schell
Second: Colin Patrick
Lead : Joel Delaurier
Not in photo : Chris Wimmer

'A' Series Championship Runner-up

Team Corbeil

Grant Cunningham Trucking ~ Rethredz

Skip : Al Corbeil
Vice : Ken Leach
Second : Sean Flaherty
Lead : Tom Cunningham

'A' Consolation Series Winner

Team Loevenmark

Bradford Greenhouses

Skip : Phil Loevenmark
Vice : Pat Perroud
Second : Mike Martell
Lead : Don Lynn

'A' Consolation Series Runner-up

Team Heggestad

Parry Sound Insurance ~ Aurora Auto Wholesalers ~ Bounce Back Physiotherapy

Skip : Cory Heggestad
Vice : Wyllie Allan
Second : Darryl MacKenzie
Lead : Frank Badowich

'B' Series Winner

Team Morgan

Shot Rock Shop ~ Thor Motors ~ The Bull & Barrel

Skip : Garry Morgan
Vice : Chris McMillan
Second : Scott Snelgrove
Lead : Noel Southwick

'B' Series Runner-up

Team Truscott ~ Gordon Baker Inc.

Skip : Gregg Truscott
Vice : Geoff Truscott
Second : Andrew Baker
Lead : Andrew Stefaniuk

'C' Series Winner

Team Matchett


Skip : Dale Matchett
Vice : Kris Bourgeois
Second : Duane Linder
Lead : Craig Cox

'C' Series Runner-up

Team B. Dumond

Northbound RV (2007) ~ Performance Curling Wear

Skip : Matt Weatherbie
Vice : Bob Dumont
Second : Dan Dewaard
Lead : Rob Gatward

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