Congratulations to all of the players who participated in the final playoff championships.

2015 Simcoe Major Curling League 'A' Series Champions

Team W. Allan

Roy's Enterprise Clothing

Skip : Wyllie Allan
Vice : Ian Dickie
Second : Frank Badowich
Lead : Randy Slade

'A' Series Championship Runner-up

Team Flegel

Dixon's Handyman Services

Skip : Randy Flegel
Vice : Dave Thompson
Second : Ken Pickles
Lead : Dougal Dixon

'A' Consolation Series Winner

Team Heggestad

Cyncor ~ Moen Sports Technologies

Skip : Cory Heggestad
Vice : Matt Weatherbie
Second : Paul Harbottle
Lead : Darryl MacKenzie

'A' Consolation Series Runner-up

Team Graham

Cal's Gals - CAL Accounting

Skip : Heather Graham
Vice : Margie Hewitt
Second : Karin Kell
Lead : Abbie Darnley

'B' Series Winner

Team Thompson

Comco Petroleum Management ~
Dr. Chris Schell - Optometrist ~
Ray's Driving School

Skip : Andrew Thompson
Vice : Terry Archer
Second : Craig Flegel
Lead : Kent Cheesman

'B' Series Runner-up

Team Irwin

The Shot Rock Shop

Skip : Bill Irwin
Vice : Kevin Daniel
Second : Andrew Tournay
Lead : Brian Forde

'C' Series Winner

Team Corbeil

Calcia Calcium ~ Alta Nissan Richmond Hill

Skip : Al Corbeil
Vice : Susan Froud
Second : John Glass
Lead : Jen Omand-Desrochers

'C' Series Runner-up

Team Tippin


Skip : Brandon Tippin
Vice : Tim Cornfield
Second : Gary Jowett
Lead : Andy Galton

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