Rules and Guidelines for the 2018 - 2019 Season

1. OCA rules apply unless specified below. The five rock rule is in effect for all games.

2. Every game will be 8 (eight) ends. Ties will be broken by playing a full end towards the home end.

3. The regular season is comprised of a complete round robin among the teams within the league.

4. During playoffs, the higher seeded team will receive choice of last rock or colour through the entire playoffs.

5. Teams may play with three members, but every game must begin on time.

6. Teams of 4 or 5 players must be registered as the official team prior to the start of play each season.

  1. Any players who spare during the regular season, may play any position.
  2. For playoff games, only names on a team's 5-player roster may play skip or vice, provided they have played in at least one regular season game.
  3. In cases where more than 2 spares are required, teams will request a lineup to be considered by the rest of the league. The request will be decided upon by team vote (1 per team).
  4. Borrowing players from a team with a bye is acceptable.

7. Should the opposing team be late, the following time penalty shall apply:

  1. 1st 15 minutes late - loss of one end, one point and last rock
  2. 2nd 15 minutes late - loss of one end, one point and last rock
  3. 3rd 15 minutes late - loss of game by default.

8. Defaulted games

  1. No team can play with only two players.
  2. Two defaults may result in ejection from the league and forfeiture of any monies accumulated through games won.
  3. Teams who are defaulted out of the league are not considered automatic entries for next season.

9. Under extreme weather conditions, all games will be cancelled and another date set. Any individual games postponed due to extenuating circumstances will be permitted but must be played before the next regularly scheduled game. The validity of the extenuating circumstances will be decided by a majority of the League Executive.

10. All other misunderstandings that are not covered by these rules will be decided by a meeting of team reps and a simple majority vote (one vote per team). If there is a tie, then three members of the executive will make the final decision.

11. Breaking of ties in standings will be determined by win/loss between the tied teams. In the case of 3 or more teams tied with no clear way to establish ranking, the draw to the button at the beginning of the year will be the tiebreaker.

12. Team entries for the next season

  1. Teams placing in the last two positions, after the regular schedule, will have to requalify with other interested teams for the following year.
  2. All spots vacated by teams dropping out of the league will also be filled from the qualifying round.
  3. Should a team break up, the entry for the next year's competition will be returned to the majority of the team. Should there be a 2x2 split, the entry is returned to the present skip. Should three quarters of the team disband, automatic reentry is withdrawn.

13. Each team in rotation based on their assigned team number is responsible to:

  1. Provide ice preparation, as directed by the ice maker.
  2. Set up the draw board
  3. Run the fund raising activities

14. All teams are expected to:

  1. Support all league and team sponsors.
  2. Support the Calcutta, Jerk The Joker and 50/50 draws.
  3. Secure a sponsor for their own team.
  4. Provide uniforms for the declared team members.

15. The requirements on sweeping and brush head technology adopted by the WCF and Curling Canada will be in effect for the Simcoe Major Curling League beginning January 1, 2017. Teams may use a league approved alternative brush head that is made of the same material. Teams utilizing a spare must make sure the spare uses an approved brush head during the game.

Without this support, your league will not run as effectively.

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